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L'Art du ring, l'ombre et la lumière
Pascal Signolet
1997 - 52 min - Betacam SP - Couleur - France

English boxing was long considered as a means to climb socially for the under-privileged but its image has changed in the last twenty years. More than the strength of the fists, what counts now is the technical aspect, the beauty of the gestures, the strategic coherence. Essentially an individual sport, boxing has at the same time developed a certain collective ethical code based on the spirit of solidarity, respect for others and self control. More than ever, English boxing is asserting itself as a noble art.
A way of seizing the bloom of this sport, the bloom of the leather of the training bags, the bloom on the skins that shine and stretch, a bloom that speaks of the sensuality, the poetry, the virtue and the violence of an extraordinary sport.

Author-Director : Pascal Signolet
Delegate Producer : La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse
Broadcasting Co-producer : France 3
Contribution : CNC


Distributor : La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse
TV Rights : France Télévisions
VOD : La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse
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