Next Year in Bombay
Jonas Pariente, Mathias Mangin
2010 - 54 min - HDV - Couleur - France

The Jewish community ?Bene Israel' settled in India 2000 years ago. Although they never faced anti-Semitism, most of them moved to Israel in the 1950's and today they are 4000 in Bombay and its region.
The Bene Israel story, however, may come to an end. Since the community is so small, the Indian Jewish culture could evaporate within one generation. Many families are afraid they will have to choose between staying in India and being Jewish. This story raises the question whether the creation of Israel, in an odd trick of history, hasn't actually threatened a unique Jewish culture.
The last two educators of this community, Sharon and Sharona, were trained in a yeshiva in Jerusalem and have relentlessly been working towards a better Indian Jewish life. As their daughters are growing older, they have to decide whether they will stay with their shrinking community or if they will fly to Israel in order to provide their children with a better Jewish life.

Author-Director : Jonas Pariente, Mathias Mangin
Photography : Jonas Pariente, Mathias Mangin
Sound : Savitri Madhatul
Editing : Luc Forveille
Delegate Producer : Chaï Chaï Films
Co-producer : Les Poissons volants


Distributor : Chaï Chaï Films
Distributor : JMT Films Distribution
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