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L'Affaire Van Gogh
Hervé Dresen, Charles Gazelle
1993 - 52 min - Vidéo - Couleur - France

Since a few months, undiscovered works by Van Gogh appear from nowhere.
They have been dug out by passionnate people, who are haunted by Vincent. Some of these discoveries could run against all conventions on "the most expensive painter in the world". But although some of these works have been authentificated by scientific French experts, the "official" specialists from the Rijkmuseum in Amsterdam absolutely refuse to admit them and even to examine them.
This documentary conceived like the first "artistic thriller" tells us the extraordinary adventure of these passionnates who stumble against the wall of certitude and against the monopoly. It describes how the Van Gogh "business" is organized between the family and the experts of the Museum. And finally it shows how along the century, the most paying myth of the art history was created.

Author-Director : Hervé Dresen, Charles Gazelle
Executive Producer : Transparences productions
Co-producer : Top news télévision
Broadcasting Co-producer : France 2
Broadcasting Co-producer : TSR (Télévision suisse romande)
Broadcasting Sale : Fuji Television Network
Contribution : Procirep, CNC


Distributor : Transparences productions