Kashima Paradise
Yann Le Masson, Bénie Deswarte
1973 - 105 min - 16 mm & 35 mm - Noir & Blanc - France

This documentary shot in Japan is the story of a village disrupted by the construction of a large industrial complex.
The film exposes the violent struggles between the forces of order and the peasants who refuse to give up their land and their jobs for the sake of the geographic and economic expansion of Japan. Japonese officials through the use of trickery or violence, try to overcome all abstacles which prevent them from creating their paradise. A paradise for the trust.

Author-Director : Yann Le Masson, Bénie Deswarte
Photography : Yann Le Masson
Delegate Producer : Les Films grain de sable
Co-producer : Yann Le Masson
Contribution : CNC


1974 - Oscars, Beverly Hills (États-Unis) : Nomination Meilleur Documentaire
1973 - Festival de Cannes, Cannes (France) : Sélection Semaine de la critique
1973 - Festival International du Prix Georges & Ruta Sadoul, Paris (France) : Prix Georges Sadoul