Kachach, Above Zaatari
Bruno Pieretti
2016 - 14 min - Film Autre - Couleur - France

Inside the Zaatari Refugee camp, everyone keeps waiting for an outcome to the endless Syrian civil war. Among the refugees, one community started to grow: the Kachach, the traditional bird raisers that were culturally despised, made a strong comeback with this traditional hobby. Inside this desert camp that no one is supposed to leave, the birds brought back a piece of freedom.

Author-Director : Bruno Pieretti
Photography : Xavier Thesnon-Hily
Sound : Dominique Ciekala
Editing : Antoine Bernardeau
Delegate Producer : Amina Haddad
Co-producer : Bruno Pieretti
Co-producer : Xavier Thesnon-Hily


Distributor : Bruno Pieretti