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Innocence of Memories
Orhan Pamu, éloge de la mélancolie
( Orhan Pamu, )

Grant Gee
2015 - 97 min - Irlande, Royaume-Uni, Italie

In 2008, Turkish author Orhan Pamuk, winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, published "The Museum of Innocence", in which he recounts a tragic love story in 1970s Istanbul. Four years later, Pamuk opened a real museum in Istanbul with the same name, in which he exhibits the everyday objects that appear in his novel: socks, dresses, jewellery, even hundreds of cigarette ends.
The fil"Innocence of Memories" came out of the collaboration between Pamuk and filmmaker Grant Gee on the book and the museum. It proposes a third experience of the very same story, giving a different perspective that calls on a tripartite narrative between the city, the Museum and the writer himself. A visually astonishing baroque love letter to the city as a repository of memories.

Author-Director : Grant Gee
Author : Orhan Pamuk
Photography : Grant Gee
Sound : Jerry Chater
Editing : Jerry Chater
Original Music : Leyland Kirkby
Delegate Producer : Venom Films
Co-producer : Illuminations Films
Co-producer : Hot Property Films Ltd
Co-producer : Vivo Films, INBAF (In Between Art Film)


Distributor : The Match Factory


2016 - Cinéma du réel, Paris (France) : Séance spéciale