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Huracà 1724
Tewfik Farès
1998 - 29 min - Beta numérique - Couleur - France

In 1724, a galleon carrying a shipment of mercury sunk off the coast of Santo Domingo taking with it the hopes of its passengers and the story of its fate. Who were they ?
The ship wreck was discovered in 1995 and became a subject for research which led to an exhibit in a unique blue edifice overlooking Barcelona.
Today visitors can enter portions of this history and contemplate the secrets of this voyage which carried these emigrants from Cadix to Veracruz.
"Huracà 1724" is a story which takes us from the labyrinth of the Science Museum of Barcelona to the dreams of the Americas. It shows us with poetry how we form our own history of sciences and join peoples and cultures of the past.

Author-Director : Tewfik Farès
Author : Jennifer White de Ajuriaguerra
Delegate Producer : Henri Jacob
Co-producer : On line productions


Distributor : On line productions
TV Rights : ARTE France Distribution