Marie Arnaud
2006 - 90 min - Beta num 16/9e - Couleur - France

This is the story of a shaman that possesses exceptional healing powers inherited from his mother, Dona Pachita. It is also the story of a director Marie Arnaud who is fascinated by the shaman that performs operations on his patients without anaesthesia and with the help of an old knife.
The documentary introduces us Don Enrique, the shaman who is - channelled – enters in contact twice a week by Hermanito, the spirit that gives his exceptional gift. Since 75 years the phenomenon has existed in this Mexican family – a gift passed on from generation to generation.
It took, the director Marie Arnaud, 8 years to persuade Don Enrique to be filmed and show the operations.
This documentary immerses us in strange universe that we can imagine but we don’t always understand.
In the 21st century in Mexico, around Don Enrique lines along side with magic powers, faith, enigma and finally love.

Author-Director : Marie Arnaud
Photography : Marc-André Batigne
Sound : Jean-Louis Garnier
Editing : Nini-Evelyne Ranaivoarivony
Delegate Producer : ADR Productions
Broadcasting Co-producer : ARTE France
Contribution : CNC, Procirep


Distributor : Jacques Debs
VOD : Arte VOD
Disponible au Club du doc


2006 - Festival de Philadelphie, Philadelphie (États-Unis) : Mention spéciale du jury
2006 - New York International Film, New York (États-Unis) : Sélection