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Gitans d'ici ou d'ailleurs
Dominique Guillemois, Mohamed Siad
2000 - 53 min - Betacam - Couleur - France

These "Gypsies from here or elsewhere" are perhaps the ones who camp near you – or perhaps not. It doesn’t matter, these neighbours of a day are also neighbours of always ; and the boundaries that separate us are above all those of ignorance.
Nino, P’tit Beurre, Poupée, Mistinguette are part of these "gypsies from here or elsewhere". Just like their Rumanian, Hungarian or Spanish cousins, their daily life is made of ostracism, precariousness, delicate relations with neighbours, a quest for hypothetical resources.
For several months, they welcome us into the heart of their camp to share this daily life, this difference. It is a difference which, beyond the wretched appearance, has an air of richness. Undeniable cultural richness, but also human richness, first of all unsuspected, then suddenly flagrant.


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