1 La Place de l'homme - 2 Une course de vitesse
Jean-Luc Bouvret, Pascal Goblot
1999 - 52 min - DV Cam - Couleur - France

We are told that genetics is going to transform the daily life of every one of us, and our future alternately takes on the colours of hell or paradise.
What is the true situation ? What point has the knowledge of genes reached today ? What are the risks and the hopes ? What is really at stake ? How is thinking being organised to avoid possible deviations ?
To help us to understand, we have chosen our speakers from among the 41 members of the French National Consultative Committee on Ethics. On this committee, personalities from very varied backgrounds together draw up advice which may serve as a support for making laws.
The two films, "La Place de l’homme" and "Une course de vitesse", try to give an account of the debates which are taking place. They may be viewed one after the other or separately.


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