Gam Gam
Natacha Samuel, Florent Klockenbring
2014 - 135 min - Couleur - Belgique

In Ouagadougou slang, the term in the title refers to a "scrambler" and, by extension, young men who want to marry white women in order to migrate to Europe.
The film is a portrait of three characters and three destinies. There is much talk of dreams, failures and semi- successes while a whole world filmed day and night unfolds.
(Jean-Pierre Rehm, FIDMarseille 2014)

Author-Director : Natacha Samuel, Florent Klockenbring
Photography : Natacha Samuel
Sound : Florent Klockenbring
Editing : Natacha Samuel, Florent Klockenbring
Delegate Producer : Shellac sud
Co-producer : Serendipity Films


Distributor : Shellac


2015 - Cinéma du réel, Paris (France) : Compétition Française
2014 - FIDMarseille (Festival International de Cinéma), Marseille (France) : Sélection Écrans parallèles