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Les États généraux du film documentaire 2017 Doc route: Lebanon Surrounded

Alaa Fadel
2016 - Liban - Couleur - 19'

Wassim and Alaa, two best friends, decide to explore the south of Lebanon, where they were born, but this time in a totally new way. Wassim comes from Marjayoun, a village whose inhabitants collaborated with the Israeli enemies (like Wassim’s father, who now lives in exile). The inhabitants of director Alaa’s village, on the other hand, fought against the Israelis and consider Wassim’s family as enemies. Through this exploration, the two friends uncover truths not mentioned in the history books.

Photography : Elias Daaboul
Sound : Eliane Houeiss
Editing : Alaa Fadel, Jo EL Hage
Production : IESAV