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Werckmeister Harmonies ( Werckmeister harmóniák )
Béla Tarr
2000 - Hongrie/Allemagne/France - Noir & Blanc - 145'

The country is plagued by disorder, gangs roam the capital, a frightening catastrophe is announced. Valushka, postman by profession, visionary and simpleton, defends an obstinate utopia: he continues to wonder ecstatically at the miracle of creation, to struggle against obfuscation. In a café, he tries to introduce drunken consumers to his cosmological visions. Then, in the home of M. Eszter, an old man busy tuning a piano and rediscover the harmonics of the clavichord, broken by Werckmeister's invention: the equalisation of the twelve semi-tones of the scale.

Author : László Krasznahorkai, Béla Tarr
Photography : Medvigy Gábor, Jörg Widmer
Sound : Gyorgy Kovacs
Editing : Ágnes Hranitzky
Interpretation : Peter Fritz, Lars Rudolph
Production : Montecinemaverita, 13 Productions, Arte France
Distribution : Shellac (shellac@shellac-altern.org, +33 (0)4 95 04 95 92)