Les États généraux du film documentaire 2018 Reruns Game Girls

Game Girls
Alina Skrzeszewska
2018 - France/Allemagne - Couleur - 90'

Game Girls follows Teri and her girlfriend Tiahna as they navigate their relationship through the chaotic world of Los Angeles’ Skid Row, aka the “homeless capital of the U.S.” A dilemma fuels the tension between the two women: while Tiahna seems comfortable being a player in the underground economy of Skid Row, Teri is driven by a powerful desire to get out. Together with other women from the neighborhood, they attend a weekly Expressive Arts workshop where they are looking to reflect, dream, and heal. Can their love survive the violence of their past and their current environment?

Photography : Alina Skrzeszewska
Sound : Nans Mengeard
Editing : Emmanuelle Baude
Production : Films de Force Majeure, Blinker Filmproduktion
Distribution : Vendredi Distribution (distribution@vendredivendredi.fr), Doc&Film (c.lavigne@docandfilm.com)