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Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Viewing Experiences À peine ombre

À peine ombre
Nazim Djemaï
2012 - France - Couleur - 87'

The psychiatric clinic of La Borde, founded by Doctor Oury in 1953, is one of the birthplaces of institutional psychotherapy. Surrounded by forty hectares of wood and ponds, this castle situated in the region Centre contains four hospitalisation sectors and houses a hundred patients who move freely through this space in the midst of unspoiled nature. A string of conversations allows us to understand the topography of the landscape and the beings who inhabit it.

Photography : Nazim Djemaï
Sound : Geneviève Carles
Editing : Geneviève Carles
Production : Nazim Djemaï (nazimov@free.fr)