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Les États généraux du film documentaire 2015 Fragment of a filmmaker’s work: Michael Snow <----> (Back and Forth)

<----> (Back and Forth)
Michael Snow
1968-1969 - États-Unis/Canada - Couleur - 52'

“It is a kind of demonstration or lesson in perception and in concepts of law and order and their transcendence. My films are (to me) attempts to suggest the mind of certain states of consciousness. They are drug relatives in that respect. <---> will be less comment and dream than the others. You aren’t within it, it isn’t you, you’re beside it. <---> is sculptural because the depicted light is to be outside, around the solid (wall) which becomes transcended/spiritualized by motion-time whereas in Wavelength it is more transcended by light-time.” M.S.

Photography : Michael Snow
Sound : Michael Snow
Editing : Michael Snow
Production : Michael Snow
Distribution : Cinédoc Paris Films Coop