Espèces d'espèces
Denis van Waerebeke, Vincent Gaullier
2008 - 80 min - HD - Couleur - France

Do you know that you are an Amniote like the golden eagle, a tetrapod like the rattlesnake with its four limbs for walking...? But hold on - A rattlesnake on four legs? From the point of view of evolution, yes indeed! One fine day, the common ancestor of the snakes discovered the knack of slithering and thus lost its feet. Stranger still, did you know the crocodile is more closely related to the canary than to the viper?
The objective of the documentary film "There is something about species" is to peer into the Tree of Life and to demonstrate that the millions of species on our planet, including human beings, all belong to a single huge family.
How should we classify these living species? What characteristics should we use? The number of feet? The presence of wings, of feathers? Not an easy question to answer...
The film also informs us of the state of current knowledge, and corrects some of the misunderstandings about evolution: No, we are not descended from monkeys: we are both descended from a common ancestor. No, we are not more "evolved" than bacteria: we have invented science, stamp-collecting and crêpes suzette; but bacteria are capable of reproducing 14 times per minute at a temperature of 100°C. Just try that!
There is something about species presents us with the Tree of Life, showing us the ways in which we are related to other living species. It shows us clearly the current state of the life sciences in a playful and entertaining way.
Ranging from the study of the evolution of the living world, to the curious inventions of nature, we will come to understand the terms and stakes of the debates, which have shaken the scientific world about the origin of life on Earth and its evolution.

Author-Director : Denis van Waerebeke, Vincent Gaullier
Author : Raphaëlle Chaix
Photography : Sabine Lancelin
Sound : Julien Sicart, Yves Laisné, Hugues Peyret
Editing : Audrey Maurion
Delegate Producer : Ex nihilo
Co-producer : CNRS audiovisuel


Distributor : Ex nihilo
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV
VOD : Arte VOD


2010 - Scam, Paris (France) : Étoile de la Scam
2008 - Festival Pariscience, Paris (France) : Grand Prix