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Waiting for Ali
Marie de Busscher
2014 - 28 min - HD - Couleur - France

A portrait of Monsieur Clément, a pharmacist outside the mold working in a multicultural neighborhood located in the heart of Paris. Now 60 years old, he has for many years taken on the responsibility for the first work experience (required in the French School system) for most of the teenagers of the neighborhood.
Fifteen years ago, one of these, Ali, later became his apprentice. Now for several weeks Ali has been away. Waiting for him to come back to work, things are a bit shaky at the pharmacy…

Author-Director : Marie de Busscher
Photography : Marie de Busscher
Sound : Frédéric Lossent
Editing : Raluca Bunescu
Delegate Producer : Ateliers Varan


Distributor : Ateliers Varan
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