Istanbul Echoes
Giulia Frati
2017 - 100 min - Video Full HD - Couleur - Canada (Québec), France

They sell everything – cloth, food, curtains – in the streets of Istanbul, and some of them have been at it for more than 50 years. But their way of life is about to change. With their city quickly gentrifying, the authorities want to create a "modern and clean" environment. In just five years, working-class neighbourhoods have been demolished, their residents displaced. For these street vendors, there’s more than their livelihood at stake: their entire culture and traditions are threatened.
It’s a concern that comes to the attention of some Turkish youth, including a particular activist hip-hop group. Pacing her film with skilfully used urban ambient sounds, Giula Frati has followed this evolving situation for nearly a decade.

Author-Director : Giulia Frati
Photography : Davide Stampa
Sound : Bruno Pucella, Éric Leboeuf
Editing : Christophe Flambard
Co-producer : Lowik Media
Co-producer : Fondivina Films


Distributor : Les Films du 3 mars


2017 - Les Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois, Québec (Canada) : Sélection