Laura Henno
2018 - 13 min - Full HD - Couleur - France

In the Hauts de Mayotte (The Comoro Islands), a secret space, of magic and escape, men and dogs, maintain filial almost intertwined relationships, companion species who share a common land of transformation and autonomy.
Smogi has a particular relationship with dogs but also with the power of the elements, nature and the sly spirits that inhabit him (the djinns). "Djo" crosses different belief systems in a wild syncretism where the Muslim call to prayer also marks a moment of reunion with the animist and impure forces of the forest.

Author-Director : Laura Henno
Photography : Laura Henno
Sound : Laura Henno
Editing : Laura Henno
Delegate Producer : Phantom Productions
Contribution : Procirep, Angoa-Agicoa, Région Hauts de France


Distributor : Phantom Productions
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