Darwin, Somewhere in the Desert
Anne Verdaguer
2012 - 55 min - HDV - Couleur - France

Darwin is a little village just outside Death Valley in California. This old minor town looks like a ghost town, yet thirty-three people live there, far from everything. Here, there are no shops, no churches, no schools, and no police. There is only the post office where Susan, the hippie looking post master, works everyday. This place has become a refuge for a number of people. Artists, outcasts, or renegades, each one has their own story and their own past but they all have one thing in common : they found peace in that tiny piece of land, far from consumer society.
The director Anne Verdaguer spent a few weeks with the people of Darwin, and gathered their stories in this touching movie which captures the spirit of an american society in search of its own identity and undergoing a major economic crisis, but where hope is still present.

Author-Director : Anne Verdaguer
Photography : Matthieu Mouraud
Editing : Oriane Denneulin
Delegate Producer : Phare Ouest Productions
Contribution : CNC. Aide à l'écriture


Distributor : Phare Ouest Productions
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