In Our Paradise
Claudia Marschal
2019 - 76 min - Film 35 mm & vidéo Full HD - Couleur - France

In Bosnia-Herzegovina, Indira dreams of elsewhere. In France, Mehdina strives to find her place. Whilst the adults seem to be fighting windmills, the kids grow up in a world of their own with ten-year-old Hasan blissfully wandering on the path of Armstrong and travelling into space.
As we follow Indira and Mehdina during one winter season, images of the past confront those of the present and the tale of these two sisters slowly unfolds. Pieces of the puzzle come together to unveil an investigation of the human condition and reveal a universal story about family ties, about growing up and finding your place in the world.

Author-Director : Claudia Marschal
Photography : Claudia Marschal
Sound : Nicolas Rhode, Grégory Pernet, Xavier Griette
Editing : Marie Da Costa, Julie Dupré
Delegate Producer : Idéale Audience


Distributor : Sweet Spot Docs