In the Eyes of a Beast 
Dominique Loreau
2011 - 73 min - HDCam - Couleur - Belgique

This movie in the shape of variations questions the border between the western man and the animals. Dominique Loreau went to meet persons and animals which mix in breedings, on the ground of a éthologue, in slaughterhouses, in zoos and museums, in a city, in a room of repetition of dance, during a performance of an actor being transformed into animal.
She films the glances of animals on the human beings and those of the human beings on the animals. Then she films the glances, sometimes furtive, of animals on her. Glances which open on the other worlds, enigmatic and which prove that the border which separates us is very permeable…


Distributor : CBA (Centre Bruxellois de l'Audiovisuel)
Disponible au Club du doc


2014 - Résistances, Foix (France) : Sélection