Citizen Khodorkovsky
Eric Bergkraut
2015 - 87 min - HD - Couleur - Suisse

English summary
Mikhail Khodorkovsky is back to challenge Putin's grip on power. Once Russia’s richest man and head of energy giant Yukos, he spent a decade in jail after challenging the Kremlin. His takedown sent a strong signal to Russia's powerful tycoons not to meddle in politics. For the first time after his release, he talks about his time behind bars and his vision for a new Russia. He relaunched the Open Russia Movement to strengthen democracy in Russia - a move towards presidency?

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Auteur-Réalisateur : Eric Bergkraut
Image : Laurent Stoop, Pio Corradi
Montage : Vendula Roudnicka
Musique originale : Marie-Jeanne Séréro
Producteur délégué : P.S. 72 productions


Distributeur : P.S. 72 productions
Distributeur : Autlook Filmsales
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