Singing in Exile
Nathalie Rossetti, Turi Finocchiaro
2015 - 77 min - HD - Couleur - Belgique, France, Pologne

In order to pass on their ancestral heritage, Aram and Virginia, an Armenian couple from the diaspora, take a troupe of young European actors of the Wroclaw Grotowski Institute on an initiatory journey to the places where their art was born.
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, "Singing in Exile" relives one of the unspeakable tragedies of the 20th century.


Distributor : Borak Films


2015 - Visions du Réel, Nyon (Suisse) : Sélection Grand Angle
2015 - Moscow Film Festival, Moscou (Russie) : Sélection
2015 - The Golden Apricot International Film Festival, Yerevan (Arménie) : Sélection