Ce qui nous reste
Alain Giorgetti
2012 - 52 min - Couleur - France

During the last century, the Men of Iron weed over some 6.5 billion tonnes from the bowels of the earth. Steel, literally irrigated the cities and daily lives. But in the late '70s, everything was suddenly stopped. All the mines closed, and the furnaces were gradually extinguished.
It is time now, to give voices to those men who once coined the landscape, as well as those who, nowadays, maintain the ancient flame. Here, in Hussigny-Godbrange, small village in the Pays-Haut of Country Lorraine, France, it is possible through a unique tour in the world, for enthusiasts men to bring to life the ghosts of the Miners Corporation...


Distributor : Crescendo Média Films
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV
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