California Company Town
Lee Anne Schmitt
2008 - 76 min - 16 mm - Couleur - États-Unis

The ultimate phase in the conquest of the West, California is the shining example of the American dream. In California Company Town, the natural beauty of California is reduced to pictures. The towns that grew out of the exploitation of minerals, forests and earth lasted only as long as the profit did. When it vanishes, the town dies. In Californian history, the ghost town is not just an occasional hiccough but a permanent backdrop. Lee Anne Schmitt’s vision borders on a horror film. Her journey takes her to the spectacular site that hosted the making of The Planet of the apes and Terminator II. For her, though, the disaster is not for tomorrow, in some imaginary future: it has already happened. There are no characters in this film, where the greed for capital spawns a desert – just shadows and, on the soundtrack, the constant roar of traffic.

Author-Director : Lee Anne Schmitt
Photography : Lee Anne Schmitt
Sound : Ryan Philippi
Editing : Lee Anne Schmitt
Delegate Producer : Lee Anne Schmitt
Co-producer : La Famille digitale


Distributor : Lee Anne Schmitt
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV
VOD : Universciné


2009 - Cinéma du réel, Paris (France) : Bourse Pierre et Yolande Perrault
2009 - Festival IntinErrance, Paris (France) : Sélection
2009 - FID (Festival International du Documentaire), Marseille (France) : Sélection Écrans parallèles