Dick Fontaine
1985 - 60 min - Couleur - Angleterre

Leaving the Bronx, the founders of hip-hop culture, deliver their message to Britain’s ghettos. With the graffiti artist Brim Fuentes and the Drum ‘n’ Bass icon, Goldie, mainly known at the time for his work as an artist in Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

Author-Director : Dick Fontaine
Author : Pat Hartley
Photography : Kim Longinotto, Nick Fry, Bobby Shepard
Sound : Ellie Burridge, Diana Ruston, Barbara Becker
Editing : David Leighton
Delegate Producer : Grapevine Pictures
Broadcasting Co-producer : Central TV
Broadcasting Co-producer : Channel 4


Distributor : Grapevine Pictures


2012 - Cinéma du réel, Paris (France) : Sélection