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Banc d'Arguin, le rendez-vous des oiseaux Série-Collection : Un jour dans la nature

Marie-Hélène Baconnet
1996 - 26 min - Super 16 mm - Couleur - France

Surrounded by a deafening dawn chorus, tens of thousands of birds take off and fly over the huge sand banks on the coast of Mauritania.
A fantastic landscape of sand and water, where the Sahara meets the atlantic ocean, the Banc d'Arguin National Park, in Mauritania, has been registred by UNESCO as part of the world heritage.
Due to favourable ecological conditions, in winter, it is one of the greatest gathering points for migratory birds from all around the world. They converge here by millions from Europe, America, Siberia and Africa. They settle here alongside one of the last monk seal colonies. In the same area is a settlement of traditional fishermen : the Imraguens.
Will the fragile Banc d'Arguin stand up to the outside world ?


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