Back To Christopolis
Perspectives sur l'espoir d'insertion
Klaus Pas
2008 - 83 min - Vidéo HD - Couleur - Suisse, Libéria

In Liberia, three former child soldiers invite us into their lives and show us how challenging it is for them to reintegrate the post civil war society. As they struggle to fight a discrimination, which is rarely talked about, they stand as an example of how hope is a major key to success.
In the outskirts of Paris, a young generation fears for its future. Its unemployment rate is twice as high as in the city centre. In October and November 2005, young people witnessed and acted in riots of protest against racial and social discrimination.
This film puts into perspective two youths struggling for integration, exposing the thin line separating the tendency for criminality from the will to integrate.

Author-Director : Klaus Pas
Author : Mélanie Briand
Photography : Blaise Harrison
Editing : Charlène Gravel
Delegate Producer : Pasmania Entertainment Ltd
Co-producer : Torch-Bearer Ministries Inc.


Distributor : Pasmania Entertainment Ltd
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