Athens or Three Visits to Acropolis
( Athina I Tris Episkepsis Stin Akropoli )

Theo Angelopoulos
1983 - 43 min - Couleur - Grèce

A personal view of the city where Theo Angelopoulos was born and grew up, and of its past and present historical significance. Athens is not only a cultural documentary, but also takes a sensitive look at art and the history of a city that left its mark on civilization as a whole.
(Charlotte Garson)

Author-Director : Theo Angelopoulos
Photography : Giorgos Arvanitis, Andreas Sinanos
Sound : Thanassis Georgiadis
Editing : Giorgos Triantafallou
Original Music : M Hadjidakis, M Theodorakis, L Kilaidonis, D Savvopoulos