Nicolas Pradal, Pierre Selvini
2016 - 110 min - Couleur - France

Little Derreck, a native American of the Wayana tribe on the river Maroni in French Guyana, brings us into his world. We follow his dreams and reality in a context of cultural, social and identity crisis. Where generations live side by side without understanding each other. Grand-mother Malilou's memories show us her youth in the fifties. Young Sylvana's dreams idealize her boyfriend from a different tribe. Young Stéphane's fantasies take place in Kourou in the European Space Port. Derreck dreams about mythological Wayana warriors.
"Anuktatop", meaning metamorphosis in Wayana, displays a universe where times mingle between memories of the Elders and future perspectives of the Younger in this remote territory in the French Amazonian Forest.


Distributor : Association Chercheurs d’Autres
Disponible au Club du doc


2016 - Festival international du film d'environnement (FIFE), Paris (France) : Sélection