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An Encounter
( Susret )

Igor Bezinovic
2009 - 27 min - DV Cam - Couleur - Croatie

English summary
One of unlikely encounters occurred on the day of the Corpus Christy Feast in 2009 in Vukovarska street in Zagreb when the students from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences came to support the farmers’ protests in front of the Ministry of Agriculture building.
The euphoric student’s night and the sobering farmer’s day; the media aware activism and the heavy machinery on the streets; plenum democracy and the quarrelling farmers’ associations – are just some of the radically different aspects of this unlikely alliance which will, in the film by Igor Bezinovic, reveal so much about contemporary society in Croatia.
Despite the fact that the event received coverage in all the media, this film is the only video footage of this unusual encounter of the students and the farmers.

Author-Director : Igor Bezinovic
Photography : Igor Bezinovic
Sound : Igor Bezinovic
Editing : Iva Mrkic
Delegate Producer : Restart


Distributor : Restart
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