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An applause to he who lives
( Un aplauso al que vive )

Florencia Inés González
2015 - 67 min - DV - Espagne

English summary
This is the story of an ordinary man who decided to become a pastor because a "miracle" cured his mother of a terminal cancer, and did his alcoholic and violent father stop drinking. It is also the story of six people in particular, and a group of parishioners in general, who follow this pastor because their lives have "changed". It would be a normal story about religion. But Diego Gebel is not an ordinary pastor...

Auteur-Réalisateur : Florencia Inés González
Image : Florencia Inés González, Valeria Ordóñez
Son : Martin Grignaschi
Montage : Alejandro Brodersohn
Montage : Karin Marzocchini Felli
Producteur délégué : Florencia Inés González


Distributeur : Playtime Audiovisuales


2015 - MiradasDoc - Festival y Mercado Internacional de Cine Documental de Guía de Isora, Guía De Isora (Espagne) : Sélection