Amid People
( Wsrod ludzi )
Série-Collection : Polska Szkola Dokumentu

Wladyslaw Slesicki
1960 - 14 min - Noir & Blanc - Pologne

English summary
This short film is the only one of its kind as the main character is… a dog. The adventures the piebald mongrel are worthy of a triller character. In the first scene, it witnesses the death of its fellow dog, which has been run over by a speeding car.
In others, it barly escapes death itself - stoned by hooligans, devoted to the Institute of Experimental Medicine, and seized by dogcatchers. It finds a brief respite in the yard of the old woman's house that looks after homeless dogs, but soon it flees from there too, for fear of human cruelty. Lonely and lost it roves around city streets full of cars hurtling past.