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Amazonie interdite : le chemin des Emerillons
Sur les traces de Raymond Maufrais
Pierre et Eliane Dubois
1996 - 52 min - 16 mm - Couleur - Suisse

In 1950, a young French explorer, Raymond Maufrais, disappears tragically in the Amazon, in French Guyana, on an Indian trail known as "Emerillon's way" while he is attempting a solo expedition from the Atlantic to the Amazon river, passing over the Tumuc-Humac mounts.
His father doesn't believe in his death, imagines him prisoner of the Indians and during 12 years will search for him, as far as Brazil to Guyana, showing to all the tribes the photo of his son.
It is on the track of this dramatic adventure of a father and his son out of the common that goes off the ethnic film-maker Pierre Dubois, with 3 expedition companions, reliving in its entirety the epic story of Raymond Maufrais whose device was "To live without peril, one triumphs without glory".
Available in 74 min.

Author-Director : Pierre et Eliane Dubois
Delegate Producer : Pierre et Eliane Dubois


Distributor : Pierre et Eliane Dubois