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Amazone Flows Série-Collection : Musiques Caraïbes

Berthelot-Cissé Apsita
2009 - 60 min - DVC Pro HD - Couleur - France

"Amazone Flows" is a journey in the heart of French Guyana and his music that beat History of Natives, Creole and Bushingue peoples. These traditional music are a source of inspiration for the new generation of musicians.

Author-Director : Berthelot-Cissé Apsita
Author : Marc Barrat
Photography : Nicolas Sourdey
Sound : Érich Münch
Editing : Vanessa Bozza
Delegate Producer : ADN production
Broadcasting Co-producer : Trace TV


Distributor : ADN production
Disponible au Club du doc


2009 - Cinamazonia, Cayenne (Guyane) : Prix du documentaire