All I Wanna Do
Michelle Medina
2010 - 59 min - HD - Couleur - Maroc

"All I Wanna Do" follows the dreams of a 48-year-old Simohamed who works as a parking guard and his 17-year-old son who acts in Hollywood films such as "Charlie Wilson's War". When his dreams of going to Hollywood are dashed he turns to music and forms a hip hop group with his father leaving his slum. Like fish out of water, the duo set out to meet their heroes, enter studios and radio stations for the first time in an adventure through the music industry of Casablanca.

Author-Director : Michelle Medina
Photography : Mickael Clouet
Sound : Patrice Mendez
Editing : Adnane Saali
Delegate Producer : La Prod


Distributor : La Prod
Disponible au Club du doc


2011 - Athens International Film Festival, Athènes (Grèce) : Sélection
2011 - Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival, Doha (Qatar) : Sélection
2011 - New York African Film Festival, New York (États-Unis) : Sélection
2011 - Da Vinci Film Festival, Oregan (États-Unis) : Sélection