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Al-Sabbar, figues de barbarie
Patrick Bürge
2000 - 97 min - 35 mm - Couleur - Suisse

Zuhaira Sabbagh, an Arab girl with an Israeli passport runs a youth group in Nazareth during her free time. "Armed" with nothing more than photographic equipment, the group goes looking for the ruins of Arab villages destroyed by the Israeli army in 1948. The investigations are the way these young Arabs have chosen to peacefully resist Israeli attempts to impose their version of history and obliterate all traces of the time when the land was home to an Arab population. The Arab group's efforts meet with strong opposition from the Israeli inhabitants.
During her investigation Zuhaira Sabbagh runs into Swiss doctor Hans Bernath and his wife Madeleine, who have been in Israel for 50 years as delegates of the International Red Cross, living through all the most important phases of this Middle East conflict at first hand.
Available in 52 min.

Author-Director : Patrick Bürge
Delegate Producer : Yak film
Co-producer : MOA distribution
Broadcasting Co-producer : SF (Schweizer Fernsehen) DRS (Suisse)
Broadcasting Co-producer : SRG SSR Idée suisse


Distributor : MOA distribution
Distributor : Yak film