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Afghanistan : la reconstruction par le théâtre
Alexandra Paraboschi
2008 - 52 min - DV Cam - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - France

Today, theatre is much more important in Afghanistan than one could imagine. Afghan artists, both debutant actors and experimented, carry theatrical art within their heart. The terrible consequences of the war, its devastations, womens condition, the Taliban regime, corruption give matter to plays written and performed by local artists.
Afghan actresses soon understood that theatre could have an important part in the countrys reconstruction process. Indeed, it offers means for the human nature to look deep into itself, allowing certain issues and fundamental questions to be debated. Proud and engaged, these women defeat societys interdictions. In southern Afghanistan, nearby Kandahar, in a province still controlled by Talibans militias, men and women risk their lives every day acting on stage. To them, theatre is far more than just art. It is a mean of Peace.
This documentary shows a different Afghanistan. Perhaps it offers a better overview of what this country has become. In todays geopolitical context, helping occidental people to better understand what is at stake in this region of the world has become a necessity. We truly hope this documentary will provide better information, and enlighten their judgement.


Distributor : Alexandra Paraboschi
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