Abdel SNP
Messaline Porchet Attinger, Myriam Laalej
2020 - 52 min - Video Full HD - Couleur - France

Abdel was born in Algeria from a Moroccan family. He is one of the many people painfully suffering the closure of the border between Morocco and Algeria. He never ceases to explore the past to legitimize his origins. When suddenly, on February 22th 2019, protests against the Algerian power began. Our story then takes an unexpected turn...

Author-Director : Messaline Porchet Attinger, Myriam Laalej
Photography : Messaline Porchet Attinger
Sound : Myriam Laalej
Editing : Hicham Cheikh
Original Music : Majd Bouraouy
Delegate Producer : RevoScope


Distributor : RevoScope