A Team with Forest Spirit
( W gromadzie ducha puszczy )
Série-Collection : Polska Szkola Dokumentu

Wladyslaw Slesicki, Wlodzimierz Pomianowski
1957 - 15 min - Noir & Blanc - Pologne

English summary
One of the most interesting Polish films about scouts, featuring boys from the 8th Warsaw Scout Troop and their leader, Forest Spirit (K. Szabelewski). The summer camp story is told with the aid of voiveover by Wlodzimierz Kmicik, who provides a commentary as an onlooker, and Jadwiga Kuryluk as the second narrator, a boy scout and the unit chronicler.
She takes us around the extraordinary camp. There are no tents here but small African-like huts with thatched roofs. We learn that they have been designed by Forest Spirit wko is a professional Architect.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Wladyslaw Slesicki, Wlodzimierz Pomianowski
Image : Witold Lesniewicz
Son : Halina Paszkowska
Montage : Marian Duszynski
Musique originale : Tadeusz Paciorkiewicz
Producteur délégué : WFDIF (Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych I Fabularnych)