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À qui le Tour ?
François Sculier
2003 - 52 min - Couleur - France

For a hundred years, men have been doing the Tour de France. For a hundred years, they have dedicated themselves to a race of speed and endurance, being acclaimed by the whole population on the roadsides.
The Tour de France is a story full of ghosts who haunt places which have become mythical. It is also the story of one man alone, the manager, who searches on the roads of France, the ideal route for the coming up race.
The images of the cheerful crowd – images of the past mixed with those of the present – are interleaved with the solitary path of a man. From these desires, joys, pains, defeats and victories, all weaved together in one timeless emotion, arises to the eyes of the filmmaker the mystery of a national myth.

Author-Director : François Sculier
Delegate Producer : Finalement
Broadcasting Pre-purchase : RTBF Bruxelles


Distributor : Finalement
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