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A Matter of Death and Life
( Befogad és Kitaszít a Világ )

Fruzsina Skrabski
2013 - 52 min - Vidéo - Couleur - Hongrie

This film is based on the writer and director’s personal grief. Fruzsina Skrabski started to make the film after her father died and sadly also lost her mother while the film was being made. The questions she asks are the ones everybody has. We all want to know what happens before life and after death but we only ever give these questions any serious thought when we or someone we love has an encounter with death.
When does life begin? From what point does a person possess a soul? Does such a thing as the soul actually exist?
Is abortion equivalent to murder? What happens after a person dies? Heaven? Reincarnation? Nothing?
The director examines these questions with the help of a Catholic priest and a Buddhist monk, a materialist, a gynaecologist, a test-tube baby, a researcher studying near-death experiences, a incurably ill patient and anyone who she thinks might be able to supply her with an answer.
She then places these people in front of one another. She provokes the Catholic priest to tell the test-tube baby (now a medical student) that he should never have born in the first place. She asks the materialist what the term “soul” means to him and how he would deal with the death of someone close to him. She visits a mortuary and tries to find signs to show when and how the soul leaves the body. A dying woman is interviewed who speaks about what she expects from death who sadly died shortly after filming was completed.
The film endeavours to remain neutral and provide viewers with the freedom to decide which view they consider closest to their own.
The aim of the piece is to provoke the younger generation and provide help to those expecting a baby or dealing with loss who are keen to find out as much as they can about the mystery that surrounds the division between life and death.

Author-Director : Fruzsina Skrabski
Photography : Sándor Kiss
Sound : Gergely Hollósi, Tibor Csáki, László Hollósi
Editing : Sándor Kiss
Delegate Producer : Zoltán Janovics


Distributor : Zoltán Janovics