A Love Song in Spanish
Ana Elena Tejera
2021 - 24 min - Super 16 mm & Vidéo Full HD - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - France, Panama

She lives a lonely monotony, her days are a routine of repetitive actions. Then She stops and in the silence she remembers the body of a man stroked by war. She tries to free herself of the memory, but the memory goes through the skin.
A biographical performance between the director and her grandmother to confront the domestic dictatorship of their family.


Distributor : Morethan Films


2021 - Festival international du film de Berlin - Berlinale, Berlin (Allemagne) : Sélection
2021 - FEST - New Directors New Films Festival, Espinho (Portugal) : Sélection
2021 - LALIFF (Latino International Film Institute), Los Angeles (États-Unis) : Sélection
2021 - Shorts Waves Festival , Poznan (Pologne) : Sélection