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À la recherche du thon perdu
Patrice Gérard
2002 - 50 min - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - France

"Tuna !". It’s been the battle cry of fishermen of the past three centuries. In seafaring circles, the tuna is in fame only equalled by the cod.
Two islands have given the tuna a place of honour : a tuna is on top of the church spire of the island of Groix, and two entwined tunas grace the church of the island of Yeu. Thus "tunafied", fishermen from Brittany take to the sea, touring the Golf of Gascogne for 6 months at a stretch.
Less poetically, tuna has been the providing the livelihood for the islanders: the man went to catch them, the women canned them and the money from the sale brought some prosperity to the region...

Author-Director : Patrice Gérard
Delegate Producer : Point du Jour
Broadcasting Co-producer : France 3


Distributor : Point du Jour International
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