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Seeking Heaven
Surviving in the Shadow of your Alter Ego... Série-Collection : Crossing the Line

DongKyun Ko, Hein S. Seok, Harkjoon Lee
2012 - 52 min - HDV - Couleur - France, Corée du Sud

23-year old Youngsoon is a North Korean girl now living in the south. In 2007, she and her sister Mihee lived in hiding in China. While Youngsoon managed to escape to South Korea, her sister was arrested by the Chinese authorities and repatriated to North Korea.
Ever since, Youngsoon has been determined to arrange her sister’s escape. She hires a broker who enters North Korea: but the news he brings back is devastating: Mihee is being held in a high security political prison camp under charges of treason. Youngsoon’s attempt to organize the escape of her father also fails. She is left with little hope and is yet to learn how to cope with these uncertainties. Maybe she’ll find a solution in far away New Zealand…?


Distributor : ICTV Solférino Images-Quartier Latin
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