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À la recherche du marin inconnu
Roy Lekus
2000 - 52 min - Betacam SP - Couleur - France, Belgique, Finlande

This film follows three men, three Frenchmen, in their efforts to reveal the working conditions of sailors from poor countries (The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Russia or the Ukraine for example), working on ships flying flags of convenience when they put in at Le Havre, and to help them.
James Smith, 52, inspects conditions on board ships at the quayside ; Guy Pasquier is a 45 year old worker priest who, as a sailor, is also an electrician and refrigeration engineer, and Pierre Faivre, 59 is barman of Seaman's club. These three men each doing his own work, form an informal information and support network in the town.

Author-Director : Roy Lekus
Delegate Producer : Antoine Martin productions
Co-producer : Tarantula Belgique
Broadcasting Co-producer : France 3
Broadcasting Co-producer : La Cinquième
Broadcasting Co-producer : RTBF Bruxelles, France 3 Normandie (Basse), YLE (Finlande)
Contribution : CNC, ARCA Haute-Normandie


Distributor : Antoine Martin productions
TV Rights : France Télévisions
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