À la recherche de la pensée perdue
Clémence Chevalier
2017 - 42 min - Film HDV & vidéo SD - Couleur - France

At the lab, Emmanuelle greets and meets students and researchers in between filling out applications for funding and proper research work. Mario ponders over the future of his profession. He rallies around his phd students to create a collective intellectual life, determined to raise authors, not experts. Mathilde, Clement and François are putting together the archaeological dig at the top of Incoronata hill. They are also teaching courses, taking part in workshops, writing articles and doing their best to gain proper academic recognition.
None of them gets their motivation from personal career advancement strategies or through the support of a top school network. Rather, they each are very aware of the current economic stakes, the growing importance of self-promotion as well as the ongoing internationalization of research. Hence, they develop strategies to accept, avoid or sidestep the system. They are looking to preserve dialogue and critical thinking. The affirmation of their research group is to be understood as a political stance.


Distributor : Clémence Chevalier