Looking for the Man with the Camera
Boutheyna Bouslama
2019 - 76 min - Couleur - France, Suisse

"Looking for the man with the camera" is a journey that takes the narrator from Geneva to the Syrian border, relentlessly looking for her childhood friend, a missing Syrian media activist.
During the three years search we witness different stages of hope, fear and despair, where the search of a beloved one transcends the political and military chaos.
Through the narrator’s and her friend’s involvement in filmmaking, it is a self-reflective questioning of war image and its role for memory and as a witness against war crimes.

Author-Director : Boutheyna Bouslama
Photography : Boutheyna Bouslama
Sound : Hakan Igsiz
Editing : Giuliano Papacchioli
Delegate Producer : 24 Images production
Co-producer : Close Up Films
Broadcasting Co-producer : Le Mans Télévision


Distributor : 24 Images production


2019 - Visions du Réel, Nyon (Suisse) : Sélection